WOM Crewneck Fleece, Mauve

$ 68.00
The WOM Crewneck Fleece
Have you ever gone to another city without knowing what to expect and been amazed at the kindness and of all the people. We sold out of our initial batch of WOM Crewneck Fleece at the Wild Rabbit Moto Show hosted by Mad House Motors in 2018.  I was so enchanted by the women that I met and I have a new, special place in my heart for the people of Boston.  I had originally printed the crewneck fleece in a small amount to see if you guys would like them and I could not believe the response!! Women who ride are amazing. The support and love I have received since launching this clothing line has been incredible and I love you guys so much more for it!!  Sugarbush Babes Apparel is printed in small batches, please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery and thank you in advance for you patience!! 
Love you guys so much!