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WOM Ringer Tee

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Brand: Sugarbush Babes

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Watch for Women of Motorcycles

This tee shirt  graphic is meant as a PSA.  An incredible thing happens when a woman rides a motorcycle.  There's no false sense of bravado, no.  Women that ride motorcycles, statistically are happier and more confident, developing a set of brass that is otherwise unattainable.  Women that ride motorcycles can take over the world.  There is no such thing as patriarchy for us.  We have no glass ceilings.  So consider this a warning, because the lady in your life that mastered the skill of riding, is now exponentially more peligrosa ( Spanish word for dangerous)

We love the graphic on the vintage ringer tee.  The sleeves are a little bit longer than other tees we've done on the past, but we're sure you'll love it too!  This is a unisex tee so keep that in mind while ordering. 

Vintage Jersey
50% Cotton, 50% Polyester
Red contrast rib detail at neck and arm opening
Bound Collar