The Binding Pearl Conch Cuff

$ 52.00
Wear it as a septum cuff or as an ear cuff.  
A classic engagement ring and added a My Enemy twist. The end result is a romantic yet bad ass ear and septum cuff that breaks with tradition. 
To wear, slip the cuff into front end of nostrils and slide to the back end. Squeeze cuff in gently until correct fit is reached. Leave the sizing as is with minimal adjustment. To remove the cuff, slip it out through the front of the nostrils.
Polished brass plated in 18K gold. 1" long, 3/4" wide. 
Chris Habana is a jewelry brand based out of the East Village, taking punk and  Tribal Iconography and refining them into luxe, streamlined pieces.  His line is fit for boys, girls, and everyone in between.