Sugarbush Logo Contest Winner

First of all, I would like to say thank you to everyone that participated in the contest. Women are so incredible and I have had an amazing time chatting with the babes that submitted answers for the contest.  The responses were funny, and sweet, and hopeful.   Women who ride can kinda see an open road ahead, and not fear it, even when we don't know exactly what lies ahead.  I think the best part of this life adventure is the journey.  That is why we ride.  It is why we are always mounted on two wheels.  We know the inherent risk of riding motorcycles, we've heard all the horror stories people like to tell when they find out we ride.  We do it anyway.  In the act of riding my motorcycle, we feel alive!  But I digress, this post is about the symbolism of the logo.   
*Please maintain a sense of humor throughout this post! Please also keep in mind, I am a die hard feminist and no conversation about women, out power, and our sexuality, are off limits. 
The Sugarbush name came to me like every thing else comes to me; while I was riding.  People always say that riding motorcycles is sexy. The funny thing is, many times we feel less than sexy.  Most riders wear long jeans and boots, and in the heat of the summer, it can get pretty uncomfortable.  It can get really hot under your helmet, and you always end up with helmet hair, which is under no circumstances, is cute. It was a hot summer day.  I was wearing my custom made Worse for Wear jeans, stuck in NYC traffic on an air- cooled bike.  I thought, "this bike is so hot, it's caramelizing my bush like sugar."
The logo is a vagina.  The word "Sugarbush" is the bush and the eye is the eye of the clitoris. 
Dianna Pena March 19, 2018

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