Patch Bomb your Favorite Levi's Jacket

Patches are all the rage and with good reason!  It's a great way to express yourself and since you only live once, you wanna make sure you express yourself particularly well.
No two patch bombed jackets are alike which is why its such a fun project.  In addition, it's also an on-going project because you can keep adding and adding.  
Here's a quick guide to patch bombing the shit outta your favorite jacket and revamping a wardrobe item that isn't getting a ton of love. I did this project at a beautiful Airbnb house out in California, while decompressing from Burning Man.  Decompression was awesome and since we had so much time to chill, Mama got busy with an iron and some needle and thread while listening to female rappers from the 90's!


  • First I chose the jacket I wanted to patch bomb. In this case its a super rad Levi's Denim jacket that just needs a face lift.  I've had it forever and beyond it's got a really nice patina on the elbows especially!  The color is alike a rusted brown, layered with NYC trials and tribulations, and some garage residue just for good measure!

Patch Bomb your Favorite Denim Jacket

  • Then, I carefully planned out where I wanted the patches to be.  I have many to choose from including an enormous Harley Davidson Patch that I can't help but to put right smack in the middle of the back of the jacket.

Patch Bomb your Favorite Denim Jacket

  • Once you've decided on placement, iron the patches on using a hand towel or bandanna between the patch and the iron.  I know all you moto riders have plenty of bandana's to spare. 

Patch Bomb your Favorite Denim Jacket


  • Lastly, make sure to sew them on!  This part of the process isn't pictured but if you don't have a sewing machine, you can sew it by hand.  In the case of those people, maybe plan your patches over time instead of all at once like I did.  Here's why:  the iron on is not the best option for adhesive.  You're going to need the back up of a nice sturdy stitch!

Patch Bomb your Favorite Denim Jacket 

Dianna Pena October 14, 2017


Valerie Figarella

Valerie Figarella said:

Love reading this…. Thanks for sharing… Now I wanna do one. :)

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