An intro to the Sugarbush Babes Apparel Line

Being in business a couple years has taught me a lot!  Some major things happened for us that would lead us to where we are now.  But first, let me take ya back for a quick review.  I opened this online store back in 2016 with the intention of building a Women's Moto lifestyle shop.  I was riding motorcycles and knew how limited the options were, for finding the right store with lifestyle options for women.  I worked for years as a buyer at high end retail establishments, buying for men and building small "Women's Sections" inside of a men's motorcycle shops.  So when I was finally ready to open an online store, I had plenty of practice. I started off small (not that I am too much bigger now) buying jewelry and apparel and selling online and at markets, but still feeling like I was missing the point.  I was buying, styling, and curating, but not designing the apparel.  Designing has now become my main focus. I have worked with so many small brands that I absolutely adore, and will collaborate with, in the future.  The mission is to build a Women's Moto Lifestyle Brand, so this year, with the help of my trusty dog, Lulu, the moto riding Chug, I am finally ready to do so.  I sharpened my graphic design skills, found a super dope printer (Dominican guy from BK! Yessssss!!!! Love it!)  and got to work. I've designed graphics to be printed in the apparel and accessories.  The designs are original, created by me, and I am so excited for you guys to see it all come together!
I will be vending at as many Moto campouts and Moto markets as possible this year, with Lulu in tow. 
See below for upcoming tee shirt and bandana graphics!  We're also working on patches, pins, keychains, and glasses, among other things. 
Our Floral Bandana 
 It's as pretty and chic as every girl likes to look, printed on silk scarves, so the fabric is really soft against your skin.  It's the perfect scarf for a springtime ride. Pair it with the Midnight Rider Glasses, also coming soon!
Watch for Women of Motorcycles
This was the first design of the series and inspired the entire collection.  This graphic printed on a white tee shirts with red ribbed collar and cuffs.  It is my favorite!  It is also printed on a sweater.  Keep reading to see the design. 
Ride the Wind Tee
There was an unseasonably warm day in January.  It was one of those days where everyone knows it's going to be nice out, so they want to take advantage and go for a ride.   I went for quick hundred mile ride to Long Beach and came back really inspired. Riding always does the trick.  From that ride, came the "Ride the Wind" Tee printed on a white tee with black collar and cuffs. 
The Please Fuck Off Tee
This tee shirt came as a result of the constant cat calling that women on motorcycles have to endure.  As much as dudes love the idea of us riding motorcycles, which is inherently bad ass, if you've ever been at a stop light in Brooklyn, you'll see they'll ask you to pop a wheelie; right in the middle of the pot hole covered street.  It's obvious they're complete idiots; that type of shit is reserved for a highway or a closed course. I've become accustomed to flipping them off as a ride away. The Please Fuck Off Tee printed on black unisex tee.
Don't Touch Tee
This should obviously go without saying, but in the Trump era, we have to actually, say it, read it, reinforce it as much as possible. This is for the idiots that don't know not to grab at your round ass. So as Biggie Smalls says, "If ya' don't know, now you know." The Don't Touch Tee printed on a white tee with black ribbed collar and cuffs.
The Ramblin' Woman Tee
The Ramblin' Woman tee is for those of us that don't settle.  In my case, I'm rambling because I'm on the journey of my life.  I'm fiercely working towards my dreams (humble dreams, but dreams, nonetheless) . An amazing thing happens, when you know what you want.  Every decision you make  is leading to where you want to be, and then your searching for perpetual clarity.  It's why you ride motorcycles; because it's meditative.  You do it because you hold your life in high regard. So ramble on woman.  The Ramblin' Woman tee printed on a black tank top.
WOM Cropped Hoodie 
I love this graphic because woman are starting to enter the motorcycle sport in record numbers.  I know those women will like this sweater. The Women on Motorcycle graphic in fleece hoodie with Tie Dye Dipped Sleeves. 
Bikes Before Boys
Women who ride motorcycle are a fierce fucking group of girls.  It takes a lot of cohones to jump on a motorcycle repeatedly ride through NYC.  We do it nonetheless, and it provides for us all the self love we need.  If we had to choose, I think we'd choose the bike.  Bikes Before Boys Graphic printed on a cropped women's tee. 
Death to Catcallers
What are the chances we have not one, but two tee shirts dedicated for Cat callers.  It's not that we hate men or anything like that.  On the contrary we think men are the coolest.  We don't mean literal death, no.  We mean death to the belief that men are invincible, that women are just bodies, that we that we are inferior to men.  After all, that's what cat calling is all about.   Death to Cat Callers graphic printed on the back of a black and white baseball tee.  
The Brooklyn Babes Tee
This tee shirt is for my local babes.  I grew up in Bushwick, and while I love all my friends from all over the world, I have a special place in my life, for the locals. The "Brooklyn" font is it's own screen, so this graphic can be changed to say "LA", "Chicago", "Philly" or whatever else you want it to say.  You can also print the Sugarbush helmet graphic solo! There are Sugarbush Babes riding all through this country!! Just ask all the Women on Motorcycles. We'll also carry the helmet graphic to lapel pins and patches
EST. 2018 Tee
I love this graphic because of it's classic homage to the biker aesthetic.  The roses and the cursive font keep it feminine enough for a tom girl without being super girly. 
The Brooklyn Stripes Bandana
Checkered stripes are the classic motorcycle stripe so we had to use it for a bandana graphic.  I wanted to keep this one more classic, and tom girl looking.  This one is considered to be the unisex piece of the bunch. Brooklyn Stripes graphic printed on 100% Cotton bandanas. 
The Sugarbush Check Tee
This one admittedly is inspired by a tee shirt seen on Beyonce, who I absolutely love. This one will be printed on a white unisex tee shirt and is intended to be worn as a baggy tee shirt. Off the bike, I'd rock it with my red high top Nike's, and some ass cheek baring shorts, a thick cuban link choker and hoops.
Like a Girl Tee
Studies have shown that women are safer riders than men.  We take the trophies home for most likely to make it a safer ride.  So yeah, ride like a girl.
The Cat Eye Clears
These babies are inspired by Miss Bessie Stringfield.  She is a hero for us at Sugarbush Babes becoming the only African American woman to travel solo across the country during the late 50's!  She was only19 years old, and she went on to do it 7 more times, plus she had 27 Harley's in her lifetime. 
Biker Parking Only Pin, Sugarbush Babes
Biker Babe Parking Only
This graphic is based on an actual pink sign that hangs in front of my house.  I'm thinking these will be turned into lapel pins. 
I could only hope to one day be a modern day Bessie. 
I am having so much fun designing this line.  I am inspired by everything; it just comes to me throughout the day.  It's something that I cannot really control and I'm not complaining!
Dee (Owner, Sugarbush Babes)
Dianna Pena January 24, 2018

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