Dee's Cross Country Scrambler Trip!!!

*Edited: 10/23/2018*
2018 has been a world wind year!  I started this brand to overwhelming acceptance from the industry and the women I've met throughout my visits to different motorcycle shows. Thank goodness for the motorcycle trips I have been able to take this summer alone, and with friends.  This summer I have been camping more than any of the other prior years combined. 
Naturally, I've decided to do a cross country trip and I'm chronicling it all here, on my Sugarbush Babes blog! Yay! That's exciting news right??
I'm channeling one of my all time favorite heroine's for this trip; the one and only Bessie Stringfield!  Did you know that she owned 27 Harley's in her lifetime and traveled across country like 9 times?? What a babe!!
This trip is going to start in New York in November, and loop around back to NYC by  December.  I know what you're thinking.  Why on earth would anybody start a cross country trip in November?  Well, the opportunity was ripe right now and I can't help but take an opportunity when I come across it.  I'm a free bird, I work for myself, and I'm in between apartments while my sweet new pad is being renovated.  So here's the plan;  I'm going to ride to the Auto train down in Virgina.  It'll take me and my bike down to Florida, near Orlando.  I'll travel West from there, at least as far as the Grand Canyon and then come back East, staying as far South as possible. So I will ride to the auto train back up from Florida knowing at that point NYC will be pretty fuckin' cold. 
Some things I'll need to do before I leave, in no particular order:
1. Replace my old rain gear
2.  Add a throttle buddy to my bike
3.  Add a wind screen to my bike
4. Add Bark Buster hand guards to the bike
5. Change my tires
6. Install a luggage rack 
7. Buy waterproof boots
8. Grab a 50L Dry Spec Duffle Bag
9.  Practice plugging tires
10. Organize care for my dog
Here's a cute photo from my ride to Vermont this summer. 
I'm reading and reading and reading so much about how to prep for this but the one thing that people don't really address is the mental preparation required to do a trip like this.  I hope it is not lost on anyone that I am an Afro- Latina Feminist riding solo across the country.  Without going into all the politics of it; it's BIG FUCKING DEAL!  This journey is as serious as it is fun and because there aren't many women that do a trip like this one, I feel the tremendous responsibility to.  I hope to teach along the way.  I hope the readers of this blog learn from the mistakes I am guaranteed to make on this trip and are inspired to take on such a journey for themselves one day too!  I understand how incredibly fortunate I am to even be able to take a month off to complete this trip.  I get it.  It's not simple for people to take time off work to make this happen.  The other thing I realize about this being a solo journey, is that it takes some real grit.  There are parts that won't be pretty.  I know there will be times when I'll be stuck in some rain, and times when I won't sleep because it's cold AF!!!  I'm ready.  I've never been so ready for anything in my life.  
More details on preparation and routes will follow! Stay tuned!!!
Here's a great flyer I found online for what to pack on a Cross Country Moto Trip.
More lessons, and news, and fun coming at ya real soon. 
Until then my babies, ride safe.
Dianna Pena October 16, 2018

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