Sugarbush Babes in the Wild
New Bandana designs from Sugarbush Babes

Dee's Cross Country Scrambler Trip!!!

Following the journey of an Afro- Latina Feminist Biker on her cross country solo motorcycle journey.

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Dianna Pena October 16, 2018 Add a comment

The Girl Gangs of Morocco

I first saw this work back in 2014 when it hung in Tribeca at the Taymor Grahne Gallery.  A friend of mine, Shirley, found out about the exhibit and insisted I pay the gallery a visit.  I am glad that I did because I have never been able to get the images out of my head.  The colors we so super vibrant, framed like pop art, and the work is really eclectic!  The artist is Hassan Hajjaj.  I have followed his career since seeing this collection, and now he's inspiring the photo shoot for the debut Sugarbush Babes line.

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Patch Bomb your Favorite Levi's Jacket

No two patch bombed jackets are alike which is why its such a fun project.  In addition, it's also an on-going project because you can keep adding and adding.  
Here's a quick guide to patch bombing the shit outta your favorite jacket and revamping a wardrobe item that isn't getting a ton of love. I did this project at a beautiful Airbnb house out in California, while decompressing from Burning Man.  Decompression was awesome and since we had so much time to chill, Mama got busy with an iron and some needle and thread while listening to female rappers from the 90's!

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Dianna Pena October 14, 2017 1 comment